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How it works

Less hassle, more hustle.

reboxed is the first place where you can buy premium refurbished phones or sell your used one on the spot - at your door.
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On demand service to your door or a local store for quick trades and instant payments

Why we exist

Great tech shouldn't cost us the Earth.

People, we have a problem. Our obsession with having the latest iPhone the second it drops is creating mountains of e-waste.

Perfectly good, high-spec handsets are gathering dust in a drawer, or going to landfill missing the chance to find a new home. We’re on a mission to rehome 100 million devices by 2030, with a new circular business model – rehome, rebox, repeat.

Join our circle to help fight e-waste and be one of the first to rehome a phone.

Our planet friendly promise

For every phone we rehome, we aim to make it carbon positive by planting 10 trees and paying to offset its lifetime CO2 emissions
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Looking to switch phones?

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Buy certified refurbished reboxed iPhone or Samsung phones.

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Trade your old phone for a new one, just pay the difference.

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Stand by! We're gearing up to launch our beta service with a limited number of devices and our on-demand service in London

On demand delivery
The reboxed revolution

Buying and selling phones sucks.

Most sellers pay you peanuts and you have to wait days to get paid. Or when your new phone arrives, you find out you’ve been sold a pup with a dodgy battery, repaired using non-genuine or poor quality parts.

reboxed is better.

TechCheck® certified devices

18 month guarantee

Get more for your old phone

In-store or at your door service

Why reboxed?

Better for your pocket, better for
our planet

Better value

A reboxed phone is up to 40% cheaper than buying new. And when you rebox your old phone, we pay you top whack.

Planet friendly

We make each phone carbon neutral by paying to offset its lifetime emissions. And every time you buy reboxed, you’re also planting 10 trees.

TechCheck® certified

All our devices are quality tested, certified and come with a 18 month no quibble guarantee.

No drama

Pick-ups and drop-offs, to and from your door. Get a quote in seconds, and cash in or switch up the same day.

What makes reboxed different?

What's in the box?

Not only is every reboxed device TechCheck certified, with a 18 month guarantee, it has 100% genuine manufacturer parts and is unlocked and ready to rock. We reward you and the planet for choosing reboxed.

Every device comes with

Genuine charging cable

3 months NOW music

Biodegradable phone case

12 month buyback guarentee

10 trees planted with ecologi

Carbon neutral promise

Reboxed Box exploded
mobile techcheck
The TechCheck®

Science, not guesswork.

TechCheck® is our industry leading device certification program run and verified by our in-house expert engineers. Our 90-point diagnostic check lets us pinpoint the condition of your phone, so you get the best price when you sell. And peace of mind when you buy.

Our TechCheck® tests over 90 key points including

Battery health

Cameras and Face iD


WiFi and connectivity



There are now more
phones than humans on the planet.

We’re fighting the 50 million tonnes of e-waste dumped each year. We’re here to transform the way people buy, sell, and think about tech.
pile of iPhone waste

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